Eazy‐E Still Talkin’ Lyrics

Eazy‐Duz‐It Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Still Talkin’
  • 2 Nobody Move
  • 3 Ruthless Villain
  • 4 2 Hard Mutha’s
  • 5 Boyz‐N‐The Hood (remix)
  • 6 Eazy‐Duz‐It
  • 7 We Want Eazy
  • 8 Eazy‐Er Said Than Dunn
  • 9 Radio
  • 10 No More ?’s
  • 11 I’mma Break It Down
  • 12 Eazy‐Chapter 8 Verse 10 (B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.)
  • Good evening, and welcome to eazy's playhouse
    You stupid mutha****a

    Now that you got the album
    What the **** are you gonna do with it

    Easily I approach
    The microphone because I ain't no joke
    Tell your momma to get off of my tip
    I have no time to give her my ****
    I'm gonna hold it, and walk around the stage and
    If you **** up I'm goin' to get my gauge and
    Unload the barrel and laugh
    'cause I'm puttin' lead in your motha****in' ***
    Psychopathic, but the hoes are attracted
    Because when I'm on hard, my ****'s at least a yard
    In the days of old, I was a nut
    Now I need at least 3 hoes when I ****
    'cause I do a check, nut 1 nut 2
    Then I save a nut for when there's nothin' else to do
    Get used to the crew, *****, cause I would never quit
    As soon as you think that's it I'm still talkin' ****

    I told you that ***** was crazy
    E boy, that's my boy, godamnit

    I got a fable that you need to listen to
    It's a funky little rhyme about a ***** or a two
    One's sharon and the other one shaun
    I want to nut but which one do I want?
    Shaun said eazy let me **** you blind
    And sharon said e I want to blow your mind
    I said **** it, I know what should be done
    Just pull your panties down and I'll **** the biggest one
    And then I get the
    Other ***** put it in the freezer
    So I can always have a on-hold skeezer
    Yeah that's the ticket, I'll do it like that
    So I told the hoes to take a big step back
    Took the zipper down, eyes wide, and said
    Here's what I'm gonna put inside
    Grab it like a rabbit, grab it let's work it
    But I won't love you when I'm done I'd still be talkin' **** ...

    That boy'z good
    Yeah that boy's good
    That motha****a'z talkin' all kinds of ****
    I used to get ***** like eazy eric every day
    You're motha****in' lyin'
    How you know I'm motha****in' lyin'?
    You're lyin', your **** can't get hard ..
    Oh, suck my **** motha****a
    ***** you lied
    Who you're talkin' to..?

    Wait a minute, wait a minute, cut that ****
    Hey yo yella boy! wantcha rewind it!

    *****s don't see I'm a 100% legit
    And you know it ain't about all that bullshit
    It's about ****in' this ***** and that *****
    But not the ***** with the 7 day itch, like that ho'
    Just throwin' me the *****
    She says she wants to do it like a doggy
    She's bad, nobody is badder
    But she got more crabs than a seafood platter
    ***** on the gank move, to skeaze me
    Just to say "I got ****ed by eazy"
    So I slapped the ho' like a pimp
    Oi might be a woman-beater but I'm not a *****-eater
    So when the **** hits the fan, it's outta my mouth
    You don't like what I'm talkin' about?
    All of ya'll can just suck my ****
    You can quote me now cause I'm still talkin' ****

    The boy's good, I told you the boy's good
    The ***** has talent
    You don't know a damn thing
    Yeah, I like that part, bring that **** back one more time, maestro
    That's that old z.z. hill, huh?
    I can do the mashed potato *****, what can you do?
    I can do the bugaloo
    Bugaloo!? that old **** been played out since 1967
    Hey **** you, **** you

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