Mystikal Still Smokin' Lyrics

Still Smokin Bud Still Smokin Weed

King Edward Philly Blunt Swisha keep groovin Tampa Sweet good ol

Optimo easy water joker

My lips get black and my fingertips burn and my eyes half way open

Cough Cough and I'm chokin

But ***** I'm Still Smokin!

I want to be puffin this like I ain't be worryin bout nothin

If you gonna get the cigar

***** I'll do the stuffin

I roll em swoll like broken arms

But I sure hate when they come around this ***** I don't know talkin bout

What chall smokin on cause

*****s like that we call em Hoovers

They try to get cool with ya

To smoke your weed up

Is what they do ya

Puff Puff Puff Puff Godammit!

***** you ain't chip in no **** here

***** What's Happenin!

But if you did then its good and it goin down

Get rid of them nickels and them dimes

***** we throwin pounds!

Tenth through 11th to the 12th ward bound

But P said one of my *****s I heard somebody say

One Time!

But I paid it no mind and I kept rollin

But that was the Po Pos

I gotta get rid of this fat *** Optimo that I'm holdin

Excellerate and I made that left on line center

I hit that ***** one more time

Then threw it out the window

Young *****s in a big white truck

You know what's up

They're lookin to catch you ****in up

It just so happened that I was hot

They looked in the back on the floor

And the silver canon and they found the pot

I can't believe that I got popped

It took me 2 hours and 1500 dollars

To get unlocked

Straight from jail to the weed spot

**** I took that as a minor setback

Hell no I ain't stop!

And I'm

Still smokin bud

Still smokin weed

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