Z-Ro Still in My Life Lyrics

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[Z-Ro] Niggas be screaming Z-Ro, how does it feel to be a ceo But I don't know, cause I can't get a set of keys to the studio And I know my fanbase is probably tired of me talking about the struggle But since I resurrected time all the niggas don't want to see me bubble Should I be mad at my friends, that's what Pac said Although I clear my ruga ripping till they drop dead I could a give a fuck about a buddy, he don't really love me So there ain't no love for these niggas, there's only love for money Paranoid like a defendant at a murder trial Plus I seen it everyday, but signatured in cursive style Motherfuckers be tattle tailing like they taking names So when they take a son they drive by I'll be taking aim Pressure to pian, are you able to maintain, where the sun don't shine On a daily basis I hear shots but H.P.D. don't mind Cause they figure we'll kill eachother by 2000 and 2 But fuck the streets jesus our praises due to you only if they knew, this is my life [Chorus] This is my liiiiiiiiife Survivin
g in the struggle, living so shife This is my liiiiiiiiife When will I get to bubble, living so shife [Z-Ro] Ain't no waking up in the morning because I'm still awoke Previous past tense events got a nigga ready to kill folks But I can't lose focus, got my heart set on heaven But I was a problem child running wild, for a nigga with a mac 11 I keep my friends and enemies closer than a mother and daughter They'll sacrifice you like a lamb that gets slaughtered, weaker than water With they woman ass ways that's why it pays to do drivebys Niggas be horizontal as I slide by All night long, I'm paronoid voice mail beeping for days Everytime I creep you know I creep with aks and hks The motherfucking killing field is where I lay my head And the place that I make my bed is where I spread my led Motherfuckers be coming to get me in the middle of the night But I'ma wreck his face when I put a infrared beam in the middle of his life When will it ever stop, until they drop I can't get no rest Cause those that also feel
me feel well to the flesh, in my life [Chorus] [Z-Ro] Can I get a little rest, cause I can't take another test Haven't I proven myself, so why do I feel like I'm that victim I'm just praying for nothing and do the lord even hear me Could it be that I was too inoxicated in the words for coming out early Cause I've lost most of my partners, I'm losing family members I remember when it was love, but I'll be lonely by the end of Decemeber I'm feeling bad, but I can't talk to my dad, cause he don't care Plus I'm missing my sister but she don't want to treat me fare All this sleeping from house to house, fucking with my dome Got two album of my own, but no home So picture the park bench in blood, is the night time bed Ripping the whereabouts to murderers and many nights I fled Practically assed out, lord for being somebody pull some cash out The reaction is the rawest, but I dash out Fuck everybody, it's all about me and my woman and child Because my 9 millimeter because he helped to rob, this is my life [Cho
rus - 2x]

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