AllRise Still Able Lyrics

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All that I held precious
All I treasured in this world
Was you
All that I had cradled
All I gave up for you
You, you
You consciously killed our future
Never breaking stride
God, it makes me nauseous
Just to think about you
Tasting other guys

I won't act as if
Nothing's wrong
But my healing has begun
Even though you broke my life

I'm still able to smile
No denial
Something' inside
Is keeping me alive

Right before it folded
Seems like everyone could see
But me
Bet you couldn't figure out
How to lose me
Won't dignify your decision
To suffocate my dream
Giving you the pleasure of believing you could
Put an end to me

While you prance about
Someone else
Won't feel sorry for myself
Living life alone tonight

I'm still able to smile
No denial
Something inside
Is keeping me
Keeping me Alive

I'm still breathing
I'm still breathing
Something inside
Is keeping me

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