Rilo Kiley Steve Lyrics

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My mom has this boyfriend his name is Steve
I want him so very much to die
But he won't - he stands strong, he stays all day long
And he fucks my mom even when she cries
And i want him very much to die
And yet he's still alive

So dear God
I believe in you
Believe in me
And make it come true
And I hope that it happens sometime real soon

And I want him very much to die
Yeah i want him very much to die...
... real soon

All right, thanks a lot
Thanks for coming out

(background chatter)

Rilo Kiley Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Frug
  • 2 85
  • 3 Glendora
  • 4 Papillon
  • 5 Teenage Love Song
  • 6 Asshole
  • 7 Sword
  • 8 Steve
  • 9 [untitled] (Keep It Together)
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