Tracy Lawrence Steps Lyrics

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Little baby boy, sittin' round his toys
Gettin' tired of crawlin'
He's pullin' up on an easy chair
He's gonna try a little walkin
He's takin' steps
A six year old with a new school bag
Starin' down his drive
Holdin' on to his mama's hand
he's going on his first bus ride
He's takin' steps
A teenage boy in a rented tux
Reaching out a trembling hand
To a pretty young girl in a satin dress
Asking her to dance

Steps, some big, some small
Puttin one foot after the other
Steps, the trick to it all
Is diggin down to find a little courage
and it's okay
to be afraid
You gotta have faith
Life's all about
For 22 years she stood by a man
Who did her wrong
With a packed suitcase
And a Greyhound ticket, she's finally gone
She's takin steps
At a meeting downtown, a tired old drunk
stands and says his name
That leaves him eleven to go and he can
already feel the change
He's takin steps
Somewhere a great Grandpa says
"I'm ready to go"
Peacefully drifts off to sleep
Wakes up on streets of gold

Written by: Michael White, Monty Criswell, Rick Huckaby

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