SPM Stay on Your Grind (Screwed) Lyrics

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Stay On Your Grind (Screwed)
Stay On Your Grind "Oh I know I know I you know"
Stay On Your Grind "My people, oh"
Stay On Your Grind "Everybody"
Stay On Your Grind "& can you feel me yeah"

[Verse 1:]
Don't give a fucksters
& we smoke like broke down mufflers
Paint pictures
Write scriptures
At the beach
30 deep ridin' ninjas
Smoke a owl think I can't go without it
Me & my crew we always joke about it
In the back of the tour bus
With a gorgeous
Little hoe just fuckin' all 4 of us
The game Lord it's the drugs & fast hoes
Hotel's with the beds with brass poles
Sip gallons
Can't keep my balance
I'm a have to shine like the boy Ritchie Valens
Iced medallion
Got a thick stallion
700 pounds comin' straight from Megallon
Dog's of the leashes
Oh my Jesus
Leave in peace or leave in pieces

Stay On Your Grind "My brother"
Stay On Your Grind "Still They teach us yeah"
Stay On Your Grind "My people"
Stay On Your Grind "& everybody"

[Verse 2:]
I'm a fly like Vince
Bubble like Prince
Mama just ain't been the same ever since
She can't believe I got all these fans
& she won't stop saving aluminum cans
I'm swangin' & swervin'
Woodson & Worthin'
Used to break dance against boys up in Sturdon
But that was '82
I was actin' a fool
The only Mexican in the whole damn school
The game will eat your ass up if you let it
That was back when crack was the epidemic
I'm a represent it
My house ain't rented
Always kept it real while you boys pretended
Lace my Pippins
Cook my chickens
They shot my boy missed me by inches
Now my flow harder than my dick is
You can't see me unless you buy some tickets

Stay On Your Grind "& can you feel me yeah"
Stay On Your Grind "Oh you special now"
Stay On Your Grind "The police baby"
Stay On Your Grind "My sisters, oh"

[Verse 3:]
I'm a stay about my paper
Built my house on a solid acre
Used to be broke
But I ain't trippin' on that
It's 2002 I'm a flip in my 'Lac
& get gone in the wind
Chrome on the rim
Hope we can all get along in the end, my friend
Player hatin's a sin
I got men that'll check you chinny-chin-chin
All his homeboy's need revenge
Smokin' bunk weed full of seeds & stems
I'm a interceptor off the record
Can't stand clubs with the metal detectors
I'm a movie director like Hannibal Lecter
I tried to mix codeine with Dr. Pepper
But it taste like medicine
I'm fightin' & wrestlin'
Man the damn life of the SP Mexican

Stay On Your Grind "Talkin' bout my brother yeah"
Stay On Your Grind "& if you feelin' me"
Stay On Your Grind "Yeah well well well"
Stay On Your Grind "mm hmm you gotta Stay On Your Grind baby"
Stay On Your Grind
Stay On Your Grind "Oh"
Stay On Your Grind "Stay On Your Grind baby yeah"
Stay On Your Grind

I know & you know
& Dope House Records know baby yeah
& Wreck Shop & everybody
You gotta Stay On Your Grind
If you wanna get paid you gotta move things baby

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