SRH Stay Dreaming Lyrics

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It’s S baby
Ha ha
Yea, it’s no big deal tho
I stay scheming man
Ha ha ha
Let’s go

I’m talking shit you never heard, a little youngin talk
From how I’m speakin I’m sure it seems that I done it all
See when I’m weedin my demons to run it all
And now I’m weezing out, think I’m having funny tho
And now I’m weighing out the consequences
I’m making a conscious effort
I wish I was blind to these dirty bitches, no contraceptive
I know my girl got my back and I couldn’t be condescended
Advise you to drop your weapon, try talkin a record
And if I’m rich forever, why am I broke now?
Why am I broke down? Still in my old town
I got mixt feelings, I’m still in this bitch killin
With a flick of the wrist, spilling my inner inhibitions
I’m still wishing to hit lottery
I’m tryina pay the bills with my voice, uh
They sayin talk is cheap
Well I said a lot of shit tho
So if I have my pennies in the jar then I’ve hit gold… right?
So get your ego out my premises
Cuz I ain’t tryina be your nemesis
Find you, no severance
I’m like a motherfuckin hero
The De Niro of the suburbs, spittin shit in your ear lobe
Chyeah, had enough of all the speculation
Is he fakin? Will he make it? Am I hatin?
Yeah, recognize when you get jealous
I’mma tell it how I tell it
I’m just tryina be compelling with my art work
This is how my heart works
Music, music and music + music, music and some hard work
Yeah, I’m tryina fuck up the world
And in the air I’ll be something you heart

I stay dreamin
I just want it all
I just want it all yea
I stay dreamin
Cuz I just want it all
I just want it all yea

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