Ecocide Static Lyrics

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I can"t take my eyes off the screen
Natural beauty, what does this mean
My best friends are virtual beings
They help me mask my true feelings
Feelings, what is that word
Controlled numbness from birth
Millions of light waves caress my brain
Over and over and over
Hovering, smothering, covering, over
My true self
I live my life through other"s eyes
Realities in the eye of the beholder
Child"s curiosity dimmed
Where is the sunlight that once moved
People to create and live
Create and live
Create and live
Ecocide Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 This Soil Shall No Longer Bear Fruit
  • 2 Static
  • 3 Proverb
  • 4 Red as Fault
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