Kenny Rogers Starting Again Lyrics

Love or Something Like It Track Listing
  • 1 Love Or Something Like It
  • 2 There's A Lot Of That Going Around
  • 3 Buried Treasures
  • 4 Something About Your Song
  • 5 Momma's Waiting
  • 6 We Could Have Been The Closest Of Friends
  • 7 I Could Be So Good For You
  • 8 Sail Away
  • 9 Even A Fool Would Let Go
  • 10 Highway Flyer
  • 11 Starting Again

  • Pretending again
    I think we both know this is the end
    We can try it again
    But we better face it
    Losing again
    I know we both thought this time we’d win
    But you can’t take thing and just erase it.

    Could it be we talked too long
    Maybe we should start off being friends
    And try it again.
    Could it be we both were wrong
    Maybe we should sing our song again
    And rewrite the end, start it again.

    Start it again
    Not looking for love, needing a friend
    And knowing inside it’s gonna be better
    Laughing again
    And thinking how wrong we were back then
    We’re happy again and this is forever.

    Now we know we both were wrong
    Aren’t you g lad we sang our song again
    To rewrite the end and start it again.
    We start love, love, love
    Start it again.

    Written by: K. Rogers, S. Glassmeyer

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