Danko Jones Starlicker Lyrics

Oh yeah, I like it
Oh woo, yeah
This is making me dizzy
Oh, baby
You gotta lick it, baby, ooh you gotta lick it good
Uh huh, uh, uh, uh lick it
Alright, let me take it ahead

Oh baby
Everytime I see you lick it, slick it, you..you drive me wild
Ohh lick it, yeah baby, lick it good
Oh I love it when you come lick it
Ha ha, yeah, lick it good

I saw your boyfriend the other night, yeah
That chump tried to taking the change out of my hands
You know what I told that sucker, yeah
Lick it, hey baby, I told him, lick it good
Excuse me, sir, can you, uh, lick it, c'mon, and baby, lick it good

I saw your daddy, too
Ohh that sucker wanted to turn me back and leave
You know what I told him, baby
Lick it
I said daddy come over here and lick it good, lick it, lick it good
Daddy can you get on your knees and lick it, lick it good

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