Kathy Mar Starhearken Lyrics

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I am Starhearken and lost
Learning only now the quiet cost
Drowned in star-song wild and deep
Whispers from the corners of my sleep
Foundling heart with haunted eyes
Grasping at the fires where star-song lies

Bridge: Space-singer I am not
Those bringers who have brought
This curse to me
To look on wings that fly
To know the thing that I
Can never be

I am Starhearken and found
Chained forever to the silent ground
Kindred to the crippled dancer
Hearing star-song yet unmade to answer
Crawling here in quiet shame
While the choir of stars sing out my name

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Verse 1

Words and music: Kathy Mar

Copyright 1984 Kathy Mar

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