Pressure 4-5 Stares Lyrics

Burning the Process Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 These Hands
  • 2 Beat the World
  • 3 Melt Me Down
  • 4 Enough
  • 5 Dehydration
  • 6 Stares
  • 7 Pieces
  • 8 New Wave
  • 9 Even Worse
  • 10 Proven
  • 11 Into Yesterday
  • We still can't care when you stare

    Shut up and leave
    Do whatever you please
    Slapped me and left me behind
    Now what are trying to find
    Just let your conscience be your guide
    And you'll discover wrong from right
    Pray that you'll recover├ó?┬Žnever

    We will never know why the feeling feels so cold

    Blackened these eyes
    With your guilt in disguise
    Pushing the buttons of pain
    Nothing to lose nothing to gain
    Follow the path that will drive us insane
    What is the purpose of these lies
    And scratch beneath the surface
    See my eyes

    We will never know why the feeling feels so cold

    But we wait for you to care
    All I feel is your ice cold

    Feel your stare, ice cold stare

    Written by: Adam Jeffery Rich, Jake W Fowler, Joseph Schmidt, Lyle Patrick Mc Keany, Mark D Barry
    Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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