Sundown Star Lyrics

Glimmer Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Lifetime
  • 2 Divine
  • 3 Halo
  • 4 Prey
  • 5 Star
  • 6 Glimmer
  • 7 Stab
  • 8 [22]
  • 9 Wired
  • 10 Silencer
  • Candycanes and alot of tools on show
    Sit straight /breath/ take in this place
    Wrists tied down and a strap across your face
    Cold burns - Needle to the nail
    Liquid fire - Blazing vapor trails
    Put out exihibition style
    The lights are all over you
    What's that traumatic smile

    Twinkle little star
    Love to see you swallow
    Stay just where you are
    Fake it 'til you're hollow

    Held on no restriction line
    It's all science-fiction in your mind
    Slip tarp - Drugs and vaseline
    I've seen you girl working wonders on the screen
    One way - No time to abort
    Lifeline cut off - There's no last resort
    Endpoint - The pain becomes the fuel
    Your life is so sad and the world's so crue

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