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The Hollies Lyrics

I was jiving along in my big Cadillac
Saw a thumb going up, I said Driver go back
Played her a track from my latest LP
Getting bad vibes she hadn`t recognized me

She said she didn`t know me but my name`s been in lights
Giant size neons on the strip every night
The camera man did the best that he can
Still she said I don`t know you I just can`t understand

I`m a star, yeah
I`m a star (Baby bathe in my glow)
I`m a star, anyway

I was trying to be nice but I`m not into that
I usually make it without any chat

She was taking it easy, taking it slow
I said Come on baby, I`m ready to go

I`m a star, yeah
I`m a star (Baby bathe in my glow)
I`m a star, anyway

She said Drop me off here and to my surprise
You wouldn`t believe it, it was Beverly Drive
Some sort of commotion, what`s happening here
We`ve arrived at her premiere, I shouldn`t be here

She`s a star, yeah
She`s a star, I didn`t know it
She`s a star anyway

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