Wiz Khalifa Stanky Leg (Freestyle) Lyrics

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It's ya boy
Young Wiz Khalifa
What up dallas texas
ATL What's smackin'
MIA yo! Yeah! Hahaha
I don't do the stanky leg and all that you know what I'm sayin?
I got a lil' flavor though
Watch me

[Verse 1: ]
I never give 'em room keys hoes meet me in the lobby
And bring a set of friends for the niggas that's around me
Broad from Atlanta
My weed came from cali
Boss of my city on my team I'm a captain
All you see is action
Don't get it smackin' and don't compare us
My flow will put faith in you like a prayer does
I be tryin' shit make it seem fair but as soon as I get ready for my check I yell cut!
Cut ya girl
Cut a song
And my swag is opposite of yours, cut it off
Been a minute since I quit writin' in my phone cause I got too many broads tryin' call
And I don't own down time so I don't pick up
They wait until they see me at the club or at the mall
To run up with their friends wantin' pictures with us all
I could tell you how it feels to own a team, you just ball
So how could you say you do you when I show up stuntin' making Lauren London - New new
My team go out you in the zoo crew
Blunt stuffed like a new shoe
And my down south girl
Do da stanky leg
A nigga at the store look like he makin eggs
Got a whole loaf so I be breakin' bread
And gettin' so ill the doctor got me takin meds
Kush IV's
I drink till I think I'm 'bout to throw up
Then the nurse bring another bottle to pour up
Told me I'm livin' fast but how do you slow up
When you never learn to use brakes
Hold up
Everyday I'm in a new state and niggas hate but I can turn that beef to cube steak
Get a huge plate
Sit 'em down at the table and say grace
And stuff my face

[Outro: ]
Hahahaa im jus havin fun on you niggas man
08 was great but 09 is mine
Okay! Dumb bitch

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