Kelly Clarkson Standing in Front of You Lyrics

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You say it's easier
Alone and undisturbed
You said yes and danced before
And got your feelings hurt
You say most days your good
It's not so bad this room
Watching the rain today
Even though it's clear and sunny
And you fight it so hard
How to tell if it's real or not

Take a breath and listen (listen)
Open up stop wishin' (wishin')
All that you've been missin' (missin')
Standing in front of you
Everything you're fearin' (fearin')
All the walls you're buildin' (buildin')
Take a chance you're reason (reason)
Standing in front of you
Standing in front of you
Standing in front of you
Standing in front of you

You start to sway again
Feelin' good in your skin
You start to remember when
You didn't have to try
And then the glitter turns to dust
The color fades enough to make out pictures of a fire
That burns like love
You can close your eyes don't worry
I'll still be here in the morning


And they won't break us
And they can't get through
'Cause I'm gonna be here
Standing in front of you


Written by: Aben Eubanks, Kelly Brianne Clarkson
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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