Unashamed Stand Lyrics

Silence Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Gain
  • 2 Neverend
  • 3 Stand
  • 4 Blessed Redeemer
  • 5 Break the Chain
  • 6 Renewal
  • 7 Sustain
  • 8 I Surrender
  • 9 Who's to Blame
  • 10 Substance Abuse
  • I feel I am falling,
    From grips of righteousness.
    Trapped in sin, there's no way out.
    I am weak, the walls keep building.
    I feel so helpless, I feel so all alone.

    Bound in chains,
    The power of sin grow over me.
    I try to separate,
    But it can't be done.

    Darkness surrounds me,
    Leaving me without help.
    I can't get out,
    I can't find help.
    I'm trapped inside my own iniquities.
    I try to separate,
    But it can't be done,
    Without help from above.
    Then I realized,
    He's been there the whole time.

    I'm the one who left,
    And turned my back on God.
    I'm the one at fault,
    I'm the one to blame.

    I'm a new creation.
    I have been justified,
    By the blood of the One,
    Who hung on the cross.
    I will no longer give into my desires.
    I will not, I will not fall,
    And live on my own.
    You'll be there to pick me up,
    To pick me up again and again.

    I will not fall.
    I will not fall.
    I will not fall down.

    He shed His blood for me.
    Saved the world for you and me.
    I will stand for Him,
    For all to see.

    Written by: Derek Stipe, Justin Blythe, Kevin Stipe, Stephen Kent Rector

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