The Unseen Stand Lyrics

Too Young to Know... Too Reckless to Care Track Listing
7" Vinyl 1
  • 1 I Don't Care
  • 2 Addiction
  • 3 Preacher
  • 4 Countdown
  • 5 Scumbag
  • 6 Stand
  • 7 Choke's Dead, You're Next
  • 8 Hitler Was a Vampire
  • He's seen it all before, he's been there and back
    Lived his life with scum on the wrong side of the track
    He can't take it any more, got nothing at all
    Realizes that he's got nowhere to fall
    Stand on your feet and fight to take it back
    Stand up again get yourself on the right track
    Stand for yourself, don't fall over the edge
    Stand, I'll be there 'till the very end
    Wants to clean himself around but old habits, they die hard
    He fought through it all, he found through it all, he fought to keep his head straight
    But he'll never escape

    Written by: Frederick B Williams, Michael More
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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