Calla Stand Paralyzed Lyrics

Strength in Numbers Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Sanctify
  • 2 Defenses Down
  • 3 Sylvia's Song
  • 4 Sleep in Splendor
  • 5 Rise
  • 6 Stand Paralyzed
  • 7 Bronson
  • 8 Malo
  • 9 Malicious Manner
  • 10 A Sure Shot
  • 11 Le Gusta El Fuego
  • 12 Simone
  • 13 Dancers in the Dust
  • All I said:
    "I'm not easily led,
    but I will praise you.
    I will praise you."

    If I could stand beside myself,
    well, I could walk with someone else;
    like you.
    Like you.

    If you could see through my eyes,
    you'd see why I stand paralyzed,
    by you.

    All I said:
    (by you)
    "I'm not easily led,
    and I will praise you."

    Written by: Aurelio Valle, Peter Gannon, Wayne Magruder
    Lyrics © Royalty Network Music Publishing Ltd.

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