Darin Stand by Me Lyrics

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I believed
We would last for centuriea
Found it perfect
Although some did not agree
I could not imagine why we wouldn´t last
They said we were too differet and rushed
much too fast

It took one look into your eyes to know that
I will love you endlessly
Though everybody said don´t bother you
don´t belong together
You decidedto stand by me

We proved them wrong
Beat the odds, together stil
I kept believing
Always haveand always will
I could no imagine why we wouldn´t last
I am glad we rose above and beyond,
let it pass

Now look what we´ve got and how far we have come
I´m so proud we´re still holding on,
staying strong

/Chorus x 2

Written by: Johnny Martin
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group

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