Nada Surf Stalemate Lyrics

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I'm the nervous watcher
And I watch
Time to turn it on
But i turn it off
70% of the time I watch
Useless and over the line

When do we admit it's not safe
It's not safe in a jail
It's not safe in a safe
When do we admit it's not safe

Should have been a wreck
Might have been a wreck
I don't know how it can last
I don't know why it doesn't crash
Stalemate Stalemate
When do I jump out of the cake

High/Low Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Deeper Well
  • 2 The Plan
  • 3 Popular
  • 4 Sleep
  • 5 Stalemate
  • 6 Treehouse
  • 7 Icebox
  • 8 Psychic Caramel
  • 9 Hollywood
  • 10 Zen Brain
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