Unjust Stained Lyrics

Thin Line Emotions Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Filtered
  • 2 Face Down
  • 3 Failed
  • 4 Dead Man
  • 5 Trench
  • 6 Searching Eyes
  • 7 Sucker Punkt
  • 8 Stained
  • 9 True
  • 10 Dark
  • 11 Rust
  • 12 Abuse
  • bleeding soul
    feeling fucked again
    set red eyes
    lingers in the cold
    there i go again
    lay you down
    open up your soul
    feel you down

    white ceilings,
    so pale halo
    missing blinding
    deity tears me down

    open up
    growing vein reckoning
    the whole burn it...
    burn it...
    down! down! down! down!

    open up
    the walls token fame
    failed to bring the world burn it...
    burnt it... down! down! down! down!

    its all wrong
    still not me
    cause i want it every way
    still can't cut it out from me
    fucking life, my mystery
    i don't know
    i can feel the stain
    i can't be the one
    i can die! die!

    i can't be
    i can feel the stain
    i can't be one
    i can't Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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