Elton John Spotlight Lyrics

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Night life, hot spotlight
I've gotta make them dance tonight
Night life, hot spotlight
I really want to shine tonight
Night life, hot spotlight
I gotta steal a heart tonight
Night life, hot spotlight
I'll show them how to dance tonight

I know that the competition's heavy
I know that these guys are cool
But I'll show this kid is more than ready
I sure got something to prove

Right now, I'm just another guy
I don't mean nothing to them
But when they see me dance
When they see me dance...

Right now, the music's moving higher
I feel them stepping up the beat
These shoes will set the floor on fire
Everybody on your feet

You thought that you'd seen the best
Well, I can tell you, forget the rest
When you see me dance
When you see me dance...

Written by: Guenther Moll, Pete Bellotte
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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