Canaan Splendor's Bearer Lyrics

Blue Fire Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Eleventh Shadow
  • 2 Dreamsword
  • 3 Thin Concentric Circles
  • 4 Aranea tedii
  • 5 Incantesimo d'autunno
  • 6 Temporal Stasis
  • 7 Noir (Your Coloured Soul)
  • 8 Doloris Charisma
  • 9 Moongod
  • 10 Splendor's Bearer
  • 11 Orien
  • 12 The Luminous Trinity
  • 13 Our Little Hidden Treasures
  • 14 This Grey Enemy
  • with Arthat at my side
    and Amytaba at my back
    and Akshobhya in my heart
    I need no wings to fly high
    above the misty skies.

    With nothing but my bare hands
    I shape the dreams of thousands.

    With Yataka at my side
    and Sakys on my back
    and Altan Kahna in my eyes
    I crawl and yet disdain the perils.

    With nothing but my bare hands, pulsing with Splendor......
    I pulverize the columns of Sakyamune.

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