The Beach Boys Spirit of America Lyrics

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[Chorus: x3]
Spirit of America

The Bonneville salt flats had seen some strange things
But the strangest thing yet was a jet without wings
Once as a jet it played in the stars
But now on the ground it's the king of our cars

[Chorus: x4]

An airplane an auto now famous worldwide
The Spirit of America, the name on the side
The man who would drive her Craig Breedlove by name
A daring young man played a dangerous game

[Chorus: x4]

With a J-47, a jet for his power
Craig Breedlove had averaged four-o-seven per hour
Both man and machine had given fair warn
They'd set a new record on that warm August morn.

[Chorus: x5]

Written by: Brian Wilson, Roger Christian
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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