Damnation Spell Master Lyrics

Resurrection of Azarath Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Who Your God
  • 2 Son of Fire
  • 3 Rebel Souls
  • 4 Azarath (Watching In Darkness)
  • 5 From the Abyssland
  • 6 Deliverance
  • 7 Might Returns
  • 8 Coronation
  • 9 Spell Master
  • 10 Sworn to the Darkside
  • 11 Nucleus of Darkness
  • 12 Night of Blasphemy
  • 13 Beyond the Gate
  • 14 A Mansion In Darkness
  • 15 Bleed for the Devil

  • Look into my burning eyes
    Red clouds tear the space
    Fading spark like broken bloody thread
    It's my hands that play the harp of life and death
    False tune sounds like a scream of life dying away
    I'll play the song of death

    lead: LES

    Oh winds, come to me again
    Abduct for me the souls searching for light
    I'll sweep them into the abyss
    I'm Azarath, the son of dusk

    (repeat first verse)

    lead: BART

    I bite my lips, I feel blood
    Sweet taste of life, with which I fill my cup

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