A Trillion Barnacle Lapse Spectators for My Spectacles Lyrics

The Elemental Gearbot Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Privacy Had a Bad Ticker
  • 2 Faceless Cowboy
  • 3 Fountain
  • 4 The New Skin
  • 5 Nanomachines Are in Richard Feynman's Bloodstream
  • 6 Million Dollar Legs
  • 7 Appliance Romance
  • 8 Man of the Year
  • 9 Evaporating at Room Temperature
  • 10 Spectators for My Spectacles
  • When I indulge my self I want you to scan me.
    You admire in the beginning, I apex in the end.
    I built this structure around myself for you to be a spectator for my spectral.
    I admire in the beginning, you apex in the end.

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