Better Than Ezra Special Lyrics

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Are you real?
Are you real or just a dream?
It's been so long I don't know.
I can feel
I can feel you with me now
Even though you're far away..

And some are special
Come back, racing through your mind
You are special
Your light, your heat will never die

I was lost.
I was lost and I found you, I will know no further love.
People move.
They come in close and fall away
Love, you refuse to fade.


So, regretful, uh-huh
How could I ever be so blind?
You are special, I thought I'd never lose my mind

I was pulling far away
You were begging me to stay
I thought I was losing you
Funny how the opposite was true

Real enough, whole enough, I'd settle for a lie.


Written by: Precious Raquel King, Roosevelt Griffin, Roosevelt Jr. Griffin

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