Barathrum Spears of Sodom Lyrics

Hailstorm Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Deep From the Depths
  • 2 In Darkness I Fly
  • 3 Pure Flame Crown
  • 4 Highest Beast
  • 5 Lord of South and Fire
  • 6 Spears of Sodom
  • 7 Marks on My Skin
  • 8 Winter of the Black Snow
  • 9 Battlecry
  • 10 Gate to Jetblack Desires
  • 11 Hailstorm Trilogy: Slavery & Delusion
  • 12 Hailstorm Trilogy: Inferno Winds
  • 13 Hailstorm Trilogy: Hailstorm
  • Hell and demons prevail
    Sodom as religion rules
    Antichrist is on the Earth

    Pit of the black demons
    Dark religion and black arts
    We just perform black rites
    -- the magikal arts

    In my determination
    Holy mass cremation
    destination is now here
    cos Sodom as religion rules

    I was guest in Bethlehem's whorehouse
    There was a whore called Mary
    I penetrated by my Spear of Sodom
    into her body
    Nine month later
    there was born
    Jesus - bastard son

    Spears of Sodom -- in the sky
    Spears of Sodom -- in the night
    Spears of Sodom -- Spears of boundless fright
    Spears of Sodom

    Bow to me -- I am your God
    Your masses were done for me
    I was father of that "Christ"
    I just fucked with Mary
    I am your God -- bow to me
    Your masses were done for me
    I am your God

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