Velvet Revolver Spay Lyrics

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Wasted on a disgrace
Rearranged the pretty messes
Pray on abandoned knee to ****ed up pleasures
To the king with kingdom rights
Underneath the night tonight
You would rather spite your face than change your life

[Chorus x 2]
Why won't you...
Why won't you...
Why won't you spay yourself?

Blitzkrieg the *****es bald
May the trophy sell the gold
Pay the toll of selling your soul; come one, come all
When the bill is on collections
Pepper holes and ugly messes
The singer sings of diamond things and all excesses

[Chorus x 2]

There is a love that doesn't lease through the night
Heed all your baggage, and consume all your life

[Chorus x 2]

Written by: David G Kushner, Duff Rose Mc Kagan, Mathew William Sorum, Saul Hudson, Scott Richard Weiland
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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