Medulla Nocte Spat On Lyrics

Hit me til my face hurts
A vicious attack
Every time I turn my back on you
Can you face me
Are you brave enough
Do you think you can take me
You sly deceit arrogance
Bad witdo you listen
Does the cap fit
You know I’m not afraid of confrontation
Just sick to death of condemnation
A fuckin glass in your face
No reasons for killing the weak
No problem with my beliefs
There is no bloodless war
I have nothing to fear but fear itself
I have nothing
Knocked back into a lifestyle
Where I suffer for others greed
Pushed into a corner
Made to punish you for things I don’t need
Dealt the cards of a fool
Can you understand this
That’s there’s no hope for you
Take this point
It’s down to you
Be prepared for a life of abuse
Had my back to the wall
And a face full of shit
Another 28 years I don’t think I can take it
Welcome to reality
To be trodden on
To be put down
To be spat upon
No problems with taking life
No thoughts of the reason why
This is why I follow the leaders
This is the shame on my brothers
Not begging for forgiveness
No righteous reply
My self-pitiful existence
Removing the stains in my life
Got a brain full of hatred and a temper to match
You can knock me to the floor
But I’ll still keep coming back
How can I place my trust with the friends in my life
When every time I turn away
I get stabbed in the back with a knife
Like a nightmare where I’m caught in a trap
I call out in pain and I never wake up
When you get yours you won’t see it coming
They don’t call me a fuckin psycho for nothing.

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