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The Charlie Daniels Band Lyrics

Not too long ago I decided I would go
Driftin' with the tide down where the trade winds blow
I went sailin' in on a southwest wind from some place I don't recall.

Glad to be on solid ground, just as the sun was goin' down
I stepped out to take a look around.

I had a Mai Tai in my hand and I was lookin' at the moon
Listening to a band play some south sea island tunes
There was a warm breeze blowin' and the rum was flowin', you could almost touch the stars.

All at once it came to me nowhere in my memory
That I had ever felt so fine and free.

Then she came from out of nowhere
A brown-skinned girl with flowers in her hair
She looked at me awhile
And then she smiled a special smile
And it went right through me when she swayed up to me
There was something she wanted to say
She said: ‘I can make your dreams come true'
‘Come and let me welcome you to paradise'.

She took me by the hand, I didn't even know her name
She led me through the sand down this little moonlit lane
And on out back was a small grass shack and as we got to the door
With the palm trees thrashin' and the trade winds crashin', the waves down on the shore
She turned around and she pulled me down and she said it just once more.

She said: ‘I can make your dreams come true'
‘Come and let me welcome you to paradise, paradise'.

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