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Van Halen Lyrics

Whoo! How 'bout 'cha now,
Come on
Oh yeah!
Dig it!
That's right.
Is everybody ready?
Let's go!
Up and down, around and 'round
In and out
Crank it, blow out
Help me
Flip on over
Oh baby, you know what I like
She choked the chain, she got the hook
Can't get away
Fever starts to climb, reaching one hundred five (degrees)
I think I need a shot of your love
Love, love is the source
Love, love is the source of infection
Hey Eddie
Say what
That's what I'm talkin' about
Wax it down now
Ready, set, go!
Love, love is the source
Love, love is the source
Love, love, love, love is the source
Love, love is the source

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