The The Soul Mining Lyrics

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Your floating down a tunnel - in a little wooden box.
Your cold & your lonely & enveloped in fog.
You've been prized open & left here to die -
You should've trusted your instincts -
- because they don't tell lies.
"Something always goes wrong when things are going right...
You've swallowed your pride -
- to quell the pain inside
Someone captured your heart - just like a thief in the night
& squeezed all juice out - until it ran dry"
You've been read like an open book - page by page.
You'll NEVER tell anyone your inner thoughts again
You were taken in - by a heart of fools gold.
Now your drifting in circles -
In the depths of your soul!!!
Andy Duncan - drums
Matt Johnson - synths, instruments, percussion, vocals

Written by: Matt Johnson
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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