Major Accident Sorry Lyrics

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Sorry that we've kept you
What can we do for you
Sorry about the delay
But can you come back Friday

Got your N.I. number
We've been snowed under
Full name and full address
Can't you see we're hard pressed

They don't care about you
It doesn't matter what you do
Don't matter if it's true
Sorry we can't help you

Fill another form in
We'll put it in the dustbin
Kids are all in bad health?
Sorry but we can't help

Sorry! Like hell
I've nothing left to sell
Four weeks and still no cash
And there's no help from the nash

Stay Away From Me
You can hide, swallow pride
You can run, kill for fun
Life seems clear, death is near
Laugh inside, pain's your bride

Time with rope, give false hope
Reaper's side, ends all lives
Loss of breathe, no disgrace
Time is here, kill all fear

You can hide, hate's inside
You can run, life's no fun
No more fear, death is hear
One more ride, suicide

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