Handsome Devil Sorry Charlie Lyrics

Love and Kisses from the Underground Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Tie Me Up
  • 2 Makin' Money
  • 3 Everything
  • 4 Tonight
  • 5 Samurai
  • 6 Back Into Action
  • 7 Sorry Charlie
  • 8 I Fall Down
  • 9 Hard Living Clean
  • 10 Barbecue
  • 11 Bring It On
  • Sorry Charlie - Sorry Charlie
    Hair full of cow licks out of control
    His mother used Vitalis super super hold
    It's true kids can be so cruel
    Loogies in his coat, and Charlie never knew
    He was a full-time mama's boy in second hand clothes
    I heard a little schoolgirl punched him in the nose
    Well that Mary just ran away
    And Charlie walked home alone another day

    I just can't believe it
    These wounds are never healing
    Took him to a dark place
    I seen the look on his mother's face
    Sorry Charlie for all your pain and your misery
    But your Mother loved you
    More than any other Mother could do
    Sorry Charlie - Sorry Charlie

    One cold day on the street where I lived
    Yard work and I was muddy like a pig
    I heard the laughter and turned for the scorn
    Charlie with a girl, he up and threw a coin
    Well I had compassion and I'd had enough
    So I taught the kid a lesson 'cause he wasn't very tough
    In a trash can he let out a cry
    His Mother took his side with fire in her eyes


    Written by: Danny Walker
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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