Redman Sooperman Luva II Lyrics

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Hyah! Attention to all you punk ************s out there
(Uh huh uh huh check it out check it out)
Funky Noble Productions represent for the nine four and nine five area
Reggie Noble and Rockwilder in the house for the nizzow
If you don't know you might as well close your biz out
(To my peeps in Queens)
Yeah oh **** yo it's a bird
(Nah I thought that **** was a ****in plane dude)
Nah nah nah, it's Soop, Soop, Soop-a-man
(It's on!)

Well it's the Soopaman Lovah in your **********in town
Get down go round and round like shocks on your G-spot
Honeydip, now all of y'all up in that funny ****
But I ain't switched, still a honeydip is a honey*****
in the mix! So *****es be lookin fly and I'll run in em
With they toes and nails done, hair wrapped up with pins in em
Fifty-four eleven Reebox ***** which you need not
to do is get fly, cause where I'm from, *****es get speed knots
Slow your monkey *** down and hold your horses
Don't want to know your name don't want to know none of your sources
Just fix me, with a quickie, I swear more Lake's than Ricki
So bad I use my X-Ray vision to give y'all clits a hickie
And plus the weed I puff is from the planet of Cheech and Chong
Where the earth is chronic, and How To Roll a Blunt is the theme song
Oh you makin me horny! Well uhh, let me wipe that wetness for ya
Slurped and burped, got that ***** more open than my door do
Let's take a journey up in the stars where I live at
Where I **** Jane, Judy Jetson, and that robot *****-ah
Grab onto the cape and uhh... I said before I took her
don't choke me! And it's up up and away I took the hooker
And it's on

We landed on my planet, we smoked out like a **** up
Bought a dime from Jabba the Hut and some uncut for the hooker
She said, "I don't sniff blow I just smoke weed to get me horny.
So I'm nothin like that ***** in your last Soopaman Lovah story."
You go girl! But I didn't believe her, had to make sure
Where you from, the projects? "Yeahhhh, but I'm single.
You needed a quickie and I'm just that ***** to break you off, ****
my *****'s so good, it tickle my legs when I walk!"
Oh really, just show me a couple of ways how you'll thrill me
She lifted up her dress and the whole area got chilly
"So what you think of that?" I threw that ***** back on my back
**** I live ten miles away, but I made it fo' seconds flat
I lived in the same building with Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk
Got R2D2 and Mork from Ork puttin in work
See I got the block sewn "Oooh baby let's get it on!"
About time, I opened the door she had her *** and **** showin
She rushed me to the room and stripped me out of my attire
She tied me to the bedposts then she lit the room on fire
She took out a scarf wrapped it around my eyes till I was blind
But with my X-Ray vision I saw the icepick from behind
So I broke out the ropes, smacked the hoe, then suplexed her
She pulled out a Tec and wet my chest with the S1's
"Oh **** I'm shot!" There was blood all over my finger!
I think I left my other bulletproof suit in the cleaner
She gave a whistle, they came in crews, word is bond
It was a bunch of Martian *****es with bodysuits and Platforms
"Damn, I gotta think of a plan, whatamIdo?
Did Superman have a gun?" Nah, but the Soopaman Lovah do!
So I pulled out the fo'-fifth, left the *****es open
Had another clip in case some mo' *****es want mo' ****
And I saw that trick Bewitched flying on her broomstick
Pa-dow! Shot her down because I leave no witness
Job well done I cleaned myself in a hurry
Oops! Gotta catch this blunt session
With I Dream of Jeannie and Kieth Murray
Aiyyyo-yo-yo Keith aiyyo what's up?

Written by: Alton "wokie" Stewart, Johnny Watson, R Rey, Reggie Noble, Timothy William Gatling, William Gatling Timothy
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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