My Morning Jacket Sooner Lyrics

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Start out early in the mornin'
They get up way before the sun
With flowin' lights the city bustles
It truly grins for everyone

Take their little Jim to Xavier
Take him to slowly to the show
And in my eyes they show the loveliness
That brings me back to you so much

Sooner or later they come to see you
Feed you power in the yellow sun
For all your days they keep you movin'
Quick as lightnin' they'll be gone

I know the soul needs wine and kindness
I know the eye needs lots of fun
I know these things will come to see you
To prove it's true I'll tell everyone

Sooner or later I'll come to see you
And feel your power in the yellow sun
To all your days I wish you blindness
From all the evils in the world

Sooner or later I'll come to see you
Feel your power in the yellow sun
Chocolate and Ice EP Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Can You See the Hard Helmet on My Head?
  • 2 Sooner
  • 3 Cobra
  • 4 It's Been a Great 3 or 4 Years
  • 5 Holy
  • 6 Sweetheart

  • Written by: Graham Fry, Jon Mcclain, Karl Agell, Phil Swisher, Ryan Culp Barringer
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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