Law Son 2*16 Lyrics

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oh fuck you磖e still alive - I'm glad to see you again
oh I'm really scared, I swear that I failed to know
I hear you say that I never seemed to love you
and when I'm asleep I don't want to hear you ?

and I don't know that I saw you drown
and I don't know what I saw
and I don't know.... you drowned

oh you never saw, I bleed to keep you unknown
no you would never know, what I felt: left all alone
and I lied to please the crowd that I belong to as well
and I lied ?.

crawl out and share the love
I can't explain the anger and that once I used to know
That I was the one who tried to escape
Tried to hold you back in my head

and I didn't want to hurt you
and I didn't want to hear you
and I didn't want to leave you
and couldn't even reach you
and I lied - so I lied - never lied

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