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Getting Away With Murder Track Listing
Enhanced CD 1
  • 1 Blood (Empty Promises)
  • 2 Not Listening
  • 3 Stop Looking Start Seeing
  • 4 Take Me
  • 5 Getting Away With Murder
  • 6 Be Free
  • 7 Done With You
  • 8 Scars
  • 9 Sometimes
  • 10 Blanket of Fear
  • 11 Tyranny of Normality
  • 12 Do or Die
  • 13 Harder Than a Coffin Nail
  • 14 Caught Dead
  • 15 The Making of Getting Away With Murder
  • I'm dreaming about tomorrow
    I'm thinking of yesterday
    I consume myself in sorrow
    This moment in time
    Is what I betray
    I am searching for the answers

    And I look around
    Sometimes I get sad
    Cause I don't know which way to go
    And I look around
    And sometimes I get sad
    Cause my life is spinning out of control

    Never know what you want
    I never know what you need
    It was different
    From the start
    When you cut me in two
    I never thought I would bleed
    I am searching for the answers


    I will go this alone
    I don't need nobody's help
    I've gotta do this myself
    Alone, alone, alone, alone

    [Chorus:Repeat x2]

    Written by: Asha Ali
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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