2Pac Something 2 Die 4 (interlude) Lyrics

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I've changed
You motha****as kill me
I've changed

It ain't that I've changed
But it's strange how you motha****as rearrange
When I found fame
Point ya finger at tha bad guy

You know what my momma usta tell me
If ya can't find something ta live 4

Then you best, find something ta die 4

Deep deep

La'tasha Hardings
Remember that name
Cause a bottle of juice
Ain't something 2 die 4

Young Quaid
Remember that name
Cause all you motha****as
That go to your grave with that name on your brain
Cause jealousy and recklessness
Is not, something 2 die 4

All you *****s out there

Got a crack that crumbles
When I say all you *****s (all you *****s)
One *****, teach 2 *****s
4 *****s teach more *****s
All tha poor *****s
Tha penn *****s
Tha rich *****s
Tha strong *****s

There's more of us than there is of them
Look around
Check your strip

Deep deep

That's something 2 die 4


That's something 2 live 4

What do I know?

Written by: Curtis Mayfield, Deon Evans, Tupac Amaru Shakur
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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