Califa Thugs Somethin To Bump To Lyrics

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Feat. O.G. Spanish Fly

[Mr. Sancho]
Come with us and let's toast,
Chillin in the west coast,
Finest City with the best hoes, San Diego.
Feelin the urge to choken, token, poten,
But this provokin hallucination [nation]
I'm lovin the face you're facin.
Chasin firme hynas,
Havin to wine and dinna,
To pump their vaginas.
Playa hatas can not find us,
Cause I'm san diego's finest.
Chicanos rifando, mirando, rappiando,
ando causando delitos humanos, ese.
ahora levanta las manos gente, lentamente;
Cause I'm the one with the gun
And I'm usin it for fun, run.
Cause I'ma stun you with the tip of my tongue.
Smokin a blunt, passin it to the side,
To my homie OFI.
Then it goes around to the homie, Spanish Fly;
Why? cause we gotta get high, so high.
Party wit the ladies to the crack of sun rise
Suprise, dialated eyes, party over.
Time to leave cause I'm comin down my high,

[Chorus: OFI]
This the kinda of shit
That you bump to, get drunk to,
Smoke a blunt to;
Do what you want to.
This the kinda shit that'll
Make them freaks want you,
Make em cheat on you,
Steal your cheese from you.

["O.G." Spanish Fly a.k.a Maniac]
Woke up one mornin,
Threw on my shoes.
Hit the liquor store,
and grabbed 40 ounce of booze.
Rolled up a joint,
Put it to the sky.
I be gettin high until the day that I die.
With the homies gettin druged out ain't gotta lie.
Califa Thugs kickin it playin wit a nine;
Playin Russian, pull it, cock it back;
And bust it real quick.
The shit that I'm on is on hit and it sounds sick
Always and forever, I'm down for whatever
Whether it's not clever, or in a stormy weather
Kickin it wit homies, never roll with phonies
You'll never catch me strolling down the street with no knowmies
Keep my head fool, I never look down
No one can catch me slippin that's on me and on the brown
So listen up to what I say
Because my shit is out, and it's out to stay


I'm ridin low, but I'm all so high
Got my top dropped and my head in the sky
Cruisin by the beach checkin out all the asses
Chrome rims blingin, better get your sun glasses
Who's that vato wit the frozen wrist
Even make stuck up hoes do the neck twist
They say a little loco shouldn't roll like this
That I belong in a regal or a cutlass
But sorry, if it's a bucket I don't roll it
Ride so cold, you think a mothafucka stole it
That seems to be our stereo types, but I don't fit
I never sleep. and I always stay committed
Always on the grind always gettin mine
Always pack a nine, always mack to a bitch if she's fine
Sinnin from the beginin until the end of time
And when I'm done wit my son, this shit rewinds
When you see me, don't say he's too good for his people
Say he works hard and got's no equal
If you're hyna I just blow you a kiss
But if you a homie I'll throw up the brown fist, like this

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