Sawyer Brown Someone Lyrics

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It must be awful cold up on the moon
It's dark and it's dusty, there's nothing much to do
Maybe right now you think that's where you gotta stay
One of these nights when you feel lost and far away

Someone will come someone who's been needing someone too
Somewhere out there waiting for at chance at loving you
And you're gonna let him
I just wish I knew how long it'll be
Before you ever see
The someone is me

You lie awake and listen for a sound
Prayin' for your angel, to just come swooping down
And even though your not expecting one to come along
Better leave the porch light burning just in case your wrong


You may not believe it when you're out there by yourself
But there's someone whose never wanted anybody else


Written by: Bill La Bounty, David Anderson
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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