Justin Bieber Somebody to Love Lyrics

For you I'd write a symphony
I'd tell the violins,it's time to sink or swim…watch 'em play for you
For you I'd be runnin' a thousand miles…just to get you where you are

Step to the beat of my heart
I don't need a whole lot coming from you I admit
I'd rather give you the world or we can share mine
I know I won't be the first one giving you all this attention
But baby listen

I just need somebody to love
I don't need too much…just need somebody to love.
Somebody to love
I don't need nothing else…I promise…girl I swear
I just need somebody to love
(I need somebody… I,I need somebody)
(I need somebody… I,I need somebody to love)

Everyday I bring the sun around…
I will sweep away the clouds…smile for me, smile for me
I would take every second, every single time, spend it like my last dime

You could have it all
Anything you want I can bring…give you the finer things yeah
But what I really want
I can't find cause money can't buy me somebody to love

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