Yukmouth Somebody Gone Die 2 Nite Lyrics

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rapper> YUKMOUTH
Cd> Godzilla.
lyrics> Somebody Gone Die 2Nite.

Somebody gonna die tonight
get all of my niggaz,time to ride tonight
Disrespect a killa and them bullets gonna fly tonight
A nigga gonna die tonight
Somebody gone die tonight
Get all my niggaz,time to ride tonight
Disrespect a killa and them bullets gonna lfy tonight
A nigga gonna die tonight

(Verse 1)
(Tech n9ne)
Hey yo i´m sick as a motherfucker,bitch you a motherfuker you tryin'to diss on a motherfucker like me i´ll kill you motherfuckers Its a motherfuckin' shame how the motherfucker came and grabbed my motherfuckin' name,and get to blowin'out ya motherfuckin'brains, i fuck hoes like a motherfucker,even yours you motherfuckers Tech N9ne is a motherfucker,i´ll dispose of you motherfuckers pros,they wonna suck us,+Mitch Bade+ niggaz wanna buck us get the motherfucker,hit the motherfucker,kill´em and dont say shit,motherfucker,i´m pissed them a motherfucker,twist that motherfucker,lift that motherfucker,Hey nigga you my motherfucker Cause you busted on them motherfuckers,shot up them motherfuckin crew.Motherfuckers who diss me,motherfuck you,I´m raw as a motherfucker,pop trunks on these motherfucker,Niggaz is wrong as a motherfucker,wont get a motherfuckin´thing trip of this motherfuckin´heat we bring motherfucker.

(Verse 2)
(Fatal Hussein)
I was raised up to blaze bang blicks Hussien gets pissed if flames spit watch how pretty the pain get nigga,High til i die,Burry me a G i´m srapped,A made nigga never worry me i´m free this is stricly for my niggaz now,bless the dead,you know life goes on,We pour out a lil´liquor now,But i´m puttin´presure up on ´em when they under these glocks,And these pussies are panicked,to get frantic,Cause me and Yuk here
somebody gonna die,Not me,nigga i am stuck here,Rap related,Criminally activated and evil i wouldn´t want to be you behinde my fuckin´Desert Eagle young guns fire,And niggaz bleed smoke addicted to livin´like a fuckin´felon while beefin with rookie cops,For the cookie rocks niggaz sellin´,i´am an Outlaw.

(Verse 3)
(The realest)
You see our adversaries crumble when we rumble with sick catasrophy Fuck all these niggaz,it´s the West in me Thats why i gotta keep a vest with me,And i´mma ride ´til i rest in peace
Makaveli rest in peace,All these wannabe´s like Master p
all these niggaz screamin´blastephemy,You ain´t Pac nigga,Tatted up in them magazines Bandanna´ed up in them magazines,You ain´t Pac ,Fuck Percy
I put him in a hearst where the dirt be I´m blood thristy,42 shots like James Worthy These lames in the game ain´t worthy to touch meals,Ya heard me,I bust 30 in your P.miller in Jersey,The dirty dirty is better off without you Double X-L (XXL) doubt you ,Wrote a fucked up ad about you cause you wack as fuck,You need to let ya kids bust Quit fuckin´off ya brothers careers and give that shit up,Mini me nigga wannabe somebody alse,Rappin´like Tupac, can´t be yaself that´ll get you shot ,better be somebody else,Everybody on No Limit sounds like somebody else,You got a nigga thats shounds like Dru (Down),A nigga like Mystikal A white boy like Eminem,the bitin´is critical Ya son wanna be Bow wow,The shit is pitiful,what a bitch nigga would do for a hundred mil´or two fuck off his niggaz too,Cali aint feelin´you,I bet C-Murder locked up thinkin´bout killin´you nigga,Rap -a-Lot Mafia we get the scrilla too,roll with a thousand niggaz too,You bitin´ass nigga you.

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