The Wheel Workers Somebody Else Lyrics

I light up all the sky, I don’t know how I’m gonna burn when the sun’s setting.
The last breath leaves from me, likely be nothing more, my body for worms to feed.
But who knows maybe not? Perhaps we get recycled like other energy.
Wonder who I’ll be when I am somebody else?... Somebody else

I watched so many die, for an insane collection of ancient fantasies.
I will not believe, nor will I demand mindless zombie obedience.
No one knows for sure, anyone who says different is a fool or a thief.
So easy to judge, when it is somebody else… Somebody else

I am quite confused, and you are too, even if you don’t believe it.
But I’m pretty sure, certainty on uncertainties can be dangerous.
So please why don’t you, go bother somebody else?... Somebody else

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