Compton’s Most Wanted Some May Know Lyrics

Represent Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 This Is Compton 2000
  • 3 Some May Know
  • 4 Get Money
  • 5 What U Like It Like
  • 6 100%
  • 7 Then U Gone
  • 8 All Around The Hood
  • 9 Endolude
  • 10 Them Niggaz
  • 11 So Don't Go There
  • 12 Represent
  • 13 Like Me
  • 14 Pull The Trigger
  • 15 Slang My Keys
  • 16 Front Page
  • [ *scratching* ]
    "Let me clear my throat" --] King Adrock

    [ MC Eiht ]

    Some niggas may know and some may not

    How the muthafuck we do it

    Some niggas may know and some may not

    Compton all day, come on

    Some niggas may know and some may not

    Original Compton's Most

    [ VERSE 1: MC Eiht ]
    Y'all know this killer muthafucka from ah - way back
    Gun react, hit your chest in 8 seconds flat
    My mindstate is me against your spot and I'm heated
    Be the winner of the 10 pace, you screamin I cheated
    Sir Blast-a-Lot, hit your chestplate and it's burnin
    Pushin weight through your spot, all your money I'm earnin
    Hit the flo', the hot shells spit too fast
    Dr. No couldn't tell which way was the blast
    Money, cash (ching-ching) money, cash, hoes
    I be the cold nigga leavin your whole block froze
    You catch the hot ones, I got shells to lend
    The iced-out Rolex means I got money to spend
    Hate the thug muthafuckas, hate the gang
    Compton hood niggas for life, we hoo-bang
    Get caught up, the lights went out, that's the good part
    Shoulda known, done fucked up from the start

    [ Hook 2X: Tha Chill ]
    Now some niggas may know, and some may not
    Been puttin it down for 12 straight
    Been through plenty headaches
    So give us a inch, we take the mile and keep runnin
    I'm sick of the homies askin when that real shit comin

    [ VERSE 2: Tha Chill ]
    Wanna take a little trip, like war with us
    Kicked a little dust up, tryin to score with us
    What I can't understand while I just can't trust
    Like X Clan this shit is 'vanglorious'
    Make a nigga wanna reach out and touch these fools
    Rough these fools, like Manson 'bout to cuff these fools
    Say you're thuggin, crippin, bloodin, but your ass is pretendin
    Hollywoodin and I'm scopin all them corners you bendin
    You see them niggas you chill with is the ones that's gon' get ya
    And them hoes you creepin with is them ones that gon' stick ya
    In his side like a leak, then your ass is leakin
    Homie, how I found out? Boy, you know I ain't speakin
    Just consider yourself gone by the end of the night
    ??Cause fools don't really own yo ass like a diamond bag pipe??
    Make a story out your ass like Walter Cronkite
    Million muthafuckas swingin off the shit that I write

    [ Hook ]

    [ VERSE 3: Boom Bam ]
    It's like 1, 2, 3 and to the 4
    The original CMW niggas is back up in the do'
    And I'm here to let you know that we're playin for keeps
    Don't be prayin up to God when we sprayin your peeps
    It's deep, yeah, Boom Bam had to wake up
    And realize the whole fuckin crew was about to break up
    But fuck that, why should we settle for less?
    Other niggas smokin chronic and you settle for stress?
    Now I don't know (know) if you heard (if you heard)
    About all the muthafuckin niggas we done served
    Words never slurred when I speak (when I speak)
    And bring the heat to clear you fools off your own street
    Now peep, I creep like a scorpion (like a scorpion)
    Boom Bam, but you can call me Kevorkian
    And I'm assisting you in death if you need me
    My appetite to kill, niggas feed me

    [ Hook ]

    [ Tha Chill ]
    CMW one time, come on
    CMW two times, come on
    For the real-ass niggas and niggettes

    [ *scratching* ]
    "Let me clear my throat" --] King Adrock

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