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The Temper Trap Lyrics

Who wants to know

All that is gold is rusting
No one will know
When seasons cease to change and:
How far we've gone
How far we're going
It's the here and the now
And the love for the sound
Of the moments that keep us moving

Waves crash along
The battered, lonely lighthouse
Tomorrow she's gone
And if not, someday somehow
Are these hands a waste
Well this side of mortality is
Scaring me to death
To death

Don't think about it at all
Just keep your head low
And don't think about it all

Soldier on, soldier on
Keep your heart close to the ground
Soldier on, soldier on, keep your heart
Close to the ground

Don't think about it all
Just keep your head low
Don't think about it
At all

Yeah, will you take me tonight
Yeah, will you take me tonight
Yeah, will you take me tonight
Ooooh... tonight

Soldier on
Soldier on
Keep your heart
Close to the ground

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