Bare Jr. Soggy Daisy Lyrics

Boo-Tay Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Boo-Tay
  • 2 Nothin' Better to Do
  • 3 The Most
  • 4 You Blew Me Off
  • 5 Tobacco Spit
  • 6 Faker
  • 7 Patty McBride
  • 8 Give Nothing Away
  • 9 Soggy Daisy
  • 10 Love-Less
  • 11 I Hate Myself
  • 12 Naked Albino
  • 13 I Wanna Live
  • 14 Why Won't You Love Me?
  • 15 ...
  • 37 Song for Boby's Ex
  • I had a nurse at home called the Soggy Daisy
    Seven lonely people all died in one day
    Seven people put away and forgotten
    Seven people with a lifetime of wisdom for their offering

    Here are some people who had loved and lived
    May had done things that they wished they never did
    Sometimes in life got bored and sad
    May have been gay and dressed up like a bride

    A great seducer, a horrible singer, an unknown psycho-killer
    A devout Christian on a mission that he or she lost faith in
    A hopeless romantic, a survivor of the ***anic
    A small person who wished they were gigantic

    A loud person who thought too much of them self
    Sharp person who never knew they're better than everyone else
    Great artist who knew they were sham
    A lawyer always found a new way to scam

    [Incomprehensible] never made one mistake
    A macho man who's hard, never felt enough to break
    A mother who loved too much, a brother who teases as much
    A sister who spied and cried too much

    A dancer who survived cancer only to die
    Chicken with some manila figurative
    Sneaking as to get a Libra
    A Sagittarius, a person who could care less

    A hair blade you or braid you
    A kindergarten teacher's story
    A loner, a passionate murderer, a butcher, a baker
    A constant masturbator who asked me never read

    A terrible reminder of the worth treasures
    Inside the shoes our elders
    Have been sentenced to die alone
    And before you turn away from this page

    Remember we'll all be there someday
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Load of hay, happy headily, lee
    Pickle pink, murder way Didley, aunt May, May
    Jim and Joe, Ricky Roe, Didley Doe with me alone

    Written by: B. Bare Jr.

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